Why Join CitiOnline?

CitiOnline is the platform where we put “Tshwane First” by facilitating digital connectivity between businesses per Industry and per Area within the Capital City – from Micro’s up-to Large Corporates.It is a “Motherboard” of a digitally connected City where businesses grow by matchmaking the need of one business with the offering by another business.

Comprehensive Business Profile

Comprehensive Business Profile on CitOnline Platform (phone no.; e-mail; website address; description of business)

E-Commerce Web Page

Own Ecommerce / Check-out function - Promote electronic transactions to the public/clients in buying directly from your site

Invitation to FREE Webinars

Receive invitations to our World Class Business Networks & Events and Distinguished invitation to Strategic engagements between the Leaders within the Capital City.

Receive Information & Support

We position ourselves to be a Source of Information & Support to Business via: Our CitiExec Forum, Property Development Forum (PDF), Industrial Forums with Bi-Monthly meetings & WhatsApp Groups per area

Made In Tshwane

This initiative focuses on building of the local manufacturing value chain, i.e.: a “Localization Strategy to Increase manufacturing within the City of Tshwane” by promoting existing supply chains and getting rid of stumbling blocks.

Creating Opportunities for All

Create a Sustainable Development Model by working together with business, government and the community within the various City of Tshwane Regions.