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Uitkyk Vleis and Supermarket is a family-owned and managed business. Uitkyk was started in 1960 by Mr. Gert Cornelius. Mr. Fred Cornelius, the current owner took over in 1969. The business grew and became one of the biggest butcheries in South Africa. In 1997 Mr. Cornelius built a shopping center. The butchery is the anchor tenant of the premises with another 7 tenants.

Uitkyk diversified in 1997 from butchery by adding a supermarket. The additional services include a delicatessen, supermarket, bakery and fruit and veg. Uitkyk also provides game processing and spitbraai for rent.

These services are conveniently available under one roof. Retail comprises 80% of the business, with the wholesale providing 20% of the turnover.


Uitkyk has a long track record and kept abreast of changes over time. Uitkyk employs 365 employees. Our staff has the required skills and training that enables Uitkyk to deliver a diverse range of products according to customer specifications.


Water is filtered through a Tri-osmosis system is used in food processing. Mr. Anton van der Merwe is the Health and Safety officer in charge of the Food Safety Management system and reports directly to top management. The cold chain is op great importance and policies are aimed to ensure strict control and adherence.

The management is proud to be the supplier of the best quality meat. Fresh meat is 95% of the total meat sold. 100% of fresh meat is purchased from South African producers. Meat is mainly sourced in carcass form and deboned or cut into the required cuts.

The frozen meat component is made mostly made up of offal. The rest of the frozen meat is purchased when there is a higher demand for certain cuts than can be derived from carcasses.

It is company policy to source from exclusive suppliers. This policy provides traceability, consistency, and competitiveness.



Uitkykvleismark buys only A2/3 grade Beef. Beef is sourced from 5 feedlot/abattoirs. Beef is delivered in carcass form. The feedlots have vertically integrated. They operate their own abattoir and refrigerated trucks. They have HACCP accreditation and Halaal accreditation. Meat is delivered 6 days a week.


A2/3 grade lamb is sourced from 3 selected South African suppliers.


Pork is sourced from one South African supplier.


Chicken is provided by 2 South African Suppliers: Chickles and Spiff. IQF (frozen chicken) is sourced from Earlybird.


Uitkyk produces its own cold meat range. Uitkyk does not buy mechanically deboned meat (MDM). Carcass meat is used in processed meat providing products of high quality.



BEEF: Biltong, Droëwors, Boerewors and Wors: Traditional (Only meat and spices: no preservatives), Uitkyk Boerewors, Kameeldoring/|Kameelhout. Oukraal / Cheese/Spinach and Bacon wors.

Burgers: Beef Burgers/ Chicken burgers/Pork Burgers/ Venison Burgers /Breakfast Burgers

Mince: BEEF: Steak mince/Topside Mince/Mince. Chicken Mince/Venison mince.

Steak: Fillet, Rump steak, Sirlion Steak, T bone; Tenderised steak, Dutch steak.

Meat: Stirfry, Goulash, Sosaties, Rump espetadas, Beef Rashers

Stew: Chuck, Short rib, Brisket

CHICKEN: Whole fresh birds, chicken Leg quarters, thighs, breast, wings, sosaties, espetadas,

Frozen: Goldi IQF range available.

Crumbed Chicken products: Nuggets, Snitzels


Bulk: Whole or half lam carcasses cut to customer specification; Lamb braai pack (rib with 8 chops) Half Lamb Packs

Leg of Lamb, Lamb neck, rib, shanks, chops and stew


Bulk: Whole or half carcasses cut and packed according to customer specification; Bulk pork pack

Fresh: Loin Chops, Rib, eisbein, stir-fry, pork rump steak, sosaties; pork neck, cowboy steak, rashers

Smoked: Pork neck, ribs, eisbein, kassler chops, Kassler steak, smoked rashers


Bacon, beef bacon, venison bacon, smoked chicken fillets

Pastrami, cooked silverside, cooked pickled ox tongue

Loaves: Ham, beef ham, Continental ham, chicken loaf, smoked chicken loaf, French polony, and assorted mixed loaves.

Viennas and Russians: Smoked Vienna; chicken and cheese Viennas, smoked Viennas; No pork Vienna; Cocktail Vienna; Bockwurst; Cheesegriller, Cocktail cheesegriller, cocktail Russian, Smoked cheese wors


Bulk: Mini Beef Buttock pack 10kg; Mini Forequarter pack 10 kg; Braai pack 5 kg; Pensioner pack 5 kg and more…

Various combinations available: Rump, Chop, Wors: Chuck, Braaiwors; T-bone and wors; Chicken Sosaties, Chicken thigh, wors; Rump and Wors


Fruit and vegetables are bought daily from the Tshwane Fresh produce market, delivered directly from the farm or Fresh Mark.

Cut veg are prepared daily without any preservatives.

Seasonal: Fresh orange, lemon juice squeezed daily


Home Replacement meals: bobotie; curry and rice; Alfredo; lasagna

Fast foods: Chips; fried Fish, Russians, Crumbed Chicken Portions, Grilled chicken, Grilled Half Chicken, Grilled Chicken leg quarters

Cooked Food: Pumpkin, Spinach, Baked Broccoli, Beef stew, Chicken curry, Lamb stew, Ox liver, Samp, Savoury rice

Platters: Savoury platter, Meat Platter, Vegetarian Platter, Fruit platter, Biltong Platter, Sweet platters

Salads: Potato salad, Coleslaw, beetroot salad, chicken, salad, chakalaka salad, Pasta Salad, Egg salad

Dessert: Malva pudding, Sago Pudding, jellies


Bread and Rolls: Uitkyk white, brown, wholegrain bread have no preservatives. Baked daily. Bread rolls include. Hamburger buns, hotdog rolls, cheese buns, crispy coney buns, brown buns

Specialty Bread: Croissant, 100%, and 50% rye bread and rolls, Ciabatta, Panini, French loaves, garlic bread, rooster-koekies, basil, and pesto bread, monastery buns, savoury buns, cheese sticks, biltong rolls…

Cakes: Black forest, red velvet, Vanilla, chocolate cakes, Lemon Condensed milk cake, bar one cake,

Mocha Cake, Swiss rolls, mini Swiss rolls, fruit cake

Tarts: Milk tart, Lemon condense milk tart, Jam tart, coconut tart, peanut nut tart

Biscuits: Ginger biscuits, chocolate chip and pecan nut biscuits


Uitkyk negotiated with the Ok Group. All the OK special will be available at Uitkyk from the end of October 2017.


Uitkyk have received many awards through its development.

Old Mutual Business of the year: Finalist 1996

Cleaver Award: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Porkalicious Winner 2009, 2008


The slogan of Uitkykvleismark is: “Enjoy Uitkyk products with confidence, geniet Uitkyk vleis met vertroue”. Our business is built on providing excellent products at reasonable prices with service that makes customers smile, make them happy – every time.

We believe that the success of Uitkyk lies with this customer-driven attitude. Our customers trust and believe that Uitkyk delivers consistently.

We have numerous loyal retail customers. Amongst our customers are Retirement homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Schools, and Butcheries.

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Contact Information
165 De Boulevard, Silverton, Pretoria, South Africa, South Africa 0184
Suburbs: Silverton
City: Pretoria
Region: Region 6 (East)
Country: South Africa
Phone: 012 804 3280

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