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The TD Coating Centre is all about the getting the best performance from your tooling or machine components. However creating high performance parts requires looking at the sum of parts, not just simply adding a process – as this rarely solves a problem. What is of importance is an understanding of the application, the wear mechanism at work and the extent of the corrosion involved in the degradation of a part. Once we understand all the factors involved, then we can start putting a solution together.

Our Thermal Diffusion (TD) coating is a tried and tested solution for metal forming tooling and other parts requiring extreme wear resistance. And though we started with this exclusive technology, we have over the years added additional coatings and solutions to our portfolio in order to give a greater depth to our problem solving ability. Matching the right technology, in both material selection, heat treatment, surface finish as well as the correct coating is what we do best.

With expert knowledge of steel selection, heat treatment and thin film coatings, we offer valuable and comprehensive advice and service to various industries. In addition to our coating service, we can assist with full development and supply of parts through our value added manufacturing service and we take responsibility for full and comprehensive delivery of a high performance solution.

Ridge Powder Coating CC & Ridge Surface Treatments CC is Situated in Sunderland Ridge Centurion

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