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Professionality or “professional personality” refers to all the qualities of being a professional person.

Such qualities, or competencies, are the building blocks of being professional. It not only consists of technical knowledge and skills, but very importantly, also of social or soft skills, knowledge and supporting attitudes that enable the required professional behaviour. The Professionality Institute promotes and grows non-technical skills, knowledge, and attitudes in our members and in society at large.

Members of recognised professions possess power, prestige, high income, high social status and privileges. The members comprise an elite class of people and occupy an elevated station in society. This is because they differentiate themselves from the common people. Norms of conduct and the competence of members of a profession are key to differentiation.

Modern society tends to insist that all workers or service providers conform to norms or codes of conduct or ethical behaviour as well as acceptable competency standards. These expectations and the delivery of such expectations resembles the value proposition the classical professions proclaim to deliver. It is, therefore, the aim of the Professionality Institute to support people who strive to become more professional in their trade or occupation, irrespective of the fact of it being regulated by statute or social arrangements.

Contact Information
Pretoria 7
City: Pretoria
Region: Region 3 (Central and West)
Country: South Africa
Phone: 082 774 2413

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